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Exploring the technology of tomorrow’s financial planning profession – Tech Stack LIVE is a brand-new virtual summit in the world of financial planning organised by NextGen Planners. On 15th March 2024 reset the perspective for technology in the financial planning profession. The best part? This event is completely FREE to attend for all Financial Advisers in the UK.

We will be attending. Let’s meet if you are there!

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Client Portal Mobile App is now live - Let your clients engage with you from anywhere and everywhere! Included in your subscription at no addtional cost.

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our client portal mobile apps as part of our Adviser software product, AdviceObjects. This latest release is a testament to our commitment to delivering an exceptional experience to our subscribers. With the mobile app now included in all subscriptions, our clients can stay connected with their clients on-the-go. We're proud of the brilliant reviews AdviceObjects has received so far, and this addition further strengthens our position as a leading provider of innovative software solutions in the IFA sector. The Firm CRM Mobile App is also set to launch soon, which will further enhance client communication and experience. Stay tuned for more updates!

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You can click the image on the left or the link above to start downloading and reading our article on page 30. It explains how having the right core wealth management software will prepare the firm to deal with any future digital strategic initiatives more efficiently.

AdviceObjects FTRC showcase

At FTRC's #EATT2022 event we demonstrated the ability of our software to transform the financial advice by enabling firms to flexibly deliver advice in-person, entirely online or in a hybrid manner, using our modern and intuitive wealth management software.

EATT2022 AdviceObjects

We’ve learned that Financial Technology Research Centre (FTRC), organisers of the “Empowering Advice Through Technology 2022”, have taken the decision to postpone the event in light of the worsening COVID/Omicron infection rates. The conference will now take place on Thursday 26th May 2022 – the venue remains unchanged, with the event taking place at The Pullman Hotel, 100-110 Euston Road, London NW1 2AJ. This is a practical day for advisers who want to put technology at the heart of their businesses and is designed to help advisers: Understand how emerging technologies can enhance the user experience for clients; Recognise the benefits that technology can deliver to their business in terms of time savings and reduced operating costs; Source the technology solutions that best meet their needs. We have arranged an exclusive discount code with the organisers – use AdviceObjects15 at the ticket checkout to save 15% on the standard ticket price. For more details about the conference, and to book your place, please visit

As an adviser, technology allowed you to maintain some semblance of face-to-face interaction (or at least screen-to-screen) with clients. With the advent of new and existing tech to navigate going forward, how can advisers be sure that they are meeting the technology needs expected of a modern advice firm, and what can we do to ensure that the tech complements your business? Join us at the highly anticipated Professional Adviser 360 conference on 7th October at The Brewery in London. The day is packed full of insightful content from various industry experts, alongside incredible networking opportunities, CPD hours and engaging Q&A sessions.


FTRC (Financial Technology Research Centre) is a boutique fintech consultancy founded by Ian Mckenna in 1995, nearly two decades before “FinTech” became part of the industry lexicon. They focus on technology in the financial advice market and especially how advice is evolving both in the UK and internationally, focusing on the role technology will play in this process. Disclaimer: The information provided on AdviceObjects on any third-party website may be outdated as our feature list is continuously expanding. Please contact us to know the latest features or simply ask for a demo.

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