Digital Wealth Planning & Adviser CRM Software with a Client Portal made for the digital generation

all in one WEALTH CRM
Automate fact-finds, risk profiling, reviews and suitability proposals

Spend more time with clients and grow your business. You should not be wasting time rekeying data on multiple platforms. With AdviceObjects, you will have all the tools in one place to run and scale your Advisory business for the digital generation.

Your clients will be able to E-sign the client agreement using the inbuilt digital signatures functionality.

You can customise the fact-find questionnaire for each client depending on the services you offer, within the Adviser portal. Your client can complete the process entirely online within the Client portal including uploading any requested documents.

Our software comes with A2Risk’s 5/7/10 risk profile questionnaires. Once you activate the one you want for your firm, your client will be completing the risk profiling questions within the Client portal.

Use the information provided by the client in the digital factfinds/reviews directly into the various inbuilt investment, insurance and cash flow planning tools and solvers to come up with a suitable recommendation, thereby avoiding a lot of rekeying work.

With our helpful Report builder functionality, you can use your templates and save them once to fetch data easily the next time to build reports at a faster pace.

Save and send various application forms and reports to sign digitally within the application or by email.

Adviser Software made by an award-winning
Digital Wealth Technology company

Adviser and Client portals that seamlessly link to form exceptional communication.

We know how valuable client relationships are to you, no matter whatever size your firm is. Therefore, we put in extra effort to ensure that even the lowest paid subscription plan of ours includes a dedicated client portal to help you serve your clients better.

how we help
Let us worry about your technology needs

We know how important technology is to grow your business in this digital generation. We have spent the last five years launching innovative and automated digital business models in the wealth and investing sectors. We will provide you with modern and intuitive tools to help you grow faster.


Branded Portals

Our Platform comes with both Firm and Client Portals that you can customise to your branding, including custom URL access.

CRM & Back Office

Our Platform includes features such as fully online fact finds, risk profiling, e-signatures, scheduling links and much more.

Add Ons & Integrations

We know we cannot do it all, and therefore we have partnered with a few complementary firms who are best at what they do.


We have helped many companies launch new digital propositions using our technology.


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