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AdviceObjects is a modern cloud native wealth platform that is powered by WealthObjects technology

AdviceObjects is built, operated and owned by WealthObjects, an award-winning UK wealth technology firm. WealthObjects officially launched AdviceObjects as a modern Wealth CRM and Financial Planning Adviser Software platform with a linked elegant Client Portal, specifically crafted to meet the demands of the digital age.

WealthObjects was established in 2015. Our mission is to take wealth management digital with an engaging and intuitive software, and to become a trusted long-term partner for firms looking to launch scalable and profitable digital business models.

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Our Industry Memberships

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IA FinTech Member

IA Engine is the FinTech hub launched by the UK’s Investment Association (IA) in 2018. Engine’s mission is simple: To fuel the adoption of technology within investment management, for the benefit and changing needs of clients. They work with FinTech firms and partners across the investment value chain to open up tech-driven possibilities and solve the challenges faced by investment firms, both big and small.

TISA Tech Member

TISAtech is part of The Investing and Saving Alliance (TISA), the UK’s cross-industry financial services body. The Investing and Saving Alliance’s (TISA) ambition is to improve the financial wellbeing of UK consumers by bringing the financial services savings industry together to promote collective engagement, to deliver solutions and to champion innovation for the benefit of people, our industry and the nation.

We have helped many companies launch new digital propositions using our technology.

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