Integrations & Add-Ons

Integrations are third party partner applications that you can connect and use alongside AdviceObjects. You may need to have an account set up with the Integration partner to be able to connect and use. You will not be billed by us for the Integration provider services.

Add-Ons are unique features that may sometimes be powered by external providers but are fully integrated into AdviceObjects. No set up is required, simply activate the add-on. Some add-ons may incur additional charges. Please see the Plans & Pricing page for further details.

e-signatures (free integration)

DocuSign E-Signatures

DocuSign is a globally recognized leader in electronic signatures, providing a secure and efficient platform for digitally signing and managing documents. We are excited to announce our software’s seamless integration with DocuSign. This collaboration allows users to effortlessly pull their stored templates from DocuSign directly into our system and send those to clients for signature without ever having to leave our platform, streamlining the process and ensuring a more productive workflow. 

atrq, risk capacity, risk profiles (free add-on)

Risk Profiling

A choice of A2Risk’s 5, 7, and 10 risk category questionnaires are available for accumulation and a separate questionnaire for decumulation. You can choose to activate any based on your firm’s advice methodology. A2Risk’s ATRQ tool is used by many Adviser firms and Institutions, including Royal London and Vanguard, amongst others.

AdviceObjectsLaptop-Risk Profile
KYC & AML checks (free INTEGRATION)


SmartSearch is the leading online provider of Anti Money Laundering Services, helping businesses comply with the Anti Money Laundering Regulations. Simply connect your SmartSearch account once you login into AdviceObjects and use it straight away. If you don’t have an account, contact SmartSearch to sign up. Don’t forget to quote ‘AdviceObjects’ when signing up.


SolutionBuilder by Ipipeline

SolutionBuilder is an intelligent quote and apply protection tool by Ipipeline. Simply connect your SolutionBuilder account once you login into AdviceObjects and use it straight away. If you don’t have an account, click the button below to sign up. Don’t forget to ask for your discount, quote ‘AdviceObjects’ when signing up.

Platform Plan valuations (FREE ADD-ON)

Origo Integration Hub

AdviceObjects is an integrated member of the Origo Integration Hub (OIH). OIH connects the market, making the business of integration quicker, easier, and more cost-efficient than ever. Without the Integration Hub, organisations have to integrate point-to-point with each individual counterparty to enable their systems to talk to one another. This matrix of integrations is expensive to build and maintain not to mention complex to manage. This service comes included in your subscription.

e-signatures (add-on, sTARTS FROM FREE, usage based)

XodoSign E-Signatures

Create a better experience for your clients and manage the entire planning process digitally by using electronic signatures. Our platform provides an audit trail and centralised storage of all documents, and signing options by email or within the Client Portal itself. With this add-on, we aim to enhance user experience, combining the power of XodoSign’s trusted electronic signature capabilities with the robust features of our software.

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