Simple Pricing

1 Month Free Trial




Increase Productivity and Engage your clients better

Includes 1 Firm User

Unlimited Clients

Additional User £99/month*

Read-only licence £10/mo*

*Cost excluding VAT

Firm/Adviser CRM

White-labelled Client Portal and Mobile App

Your custom URL, Logo and Colour branding included in Client Portal

Risk Profiling, Cashflow Planning, Tasks, Document Management and a lot more.


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Firms with custom requirements, Consolidators & Networks

Custom User numbers

Unlimited Clients

Additional User £./month*

Read-only licence £./mo*

*Contract pricing

Bespoke migration support​

Custom integrations and features

Fully integrated into your own website

Your brand Mobile Apps in App stores

Options to launch various hybrid automated advice solutions

Firm Portal is the internal practice management (back-office) software used by your employees on a daily basis. Please contact us to see a demo or sign up and try for yourself.

Key Features



Firm Portal



Intuitive Back-office CRM

Customisable Factfinds

Risk Profiling

Planning Calculations

Cash-flow Modelling

Workflow Checklists

Platform Valuations data

Use Scheduling links

Case Management

Task Management

Document Management

Share Universal Documents

Secure Messaging


Adviser Workdesk & CPD

Report Builder & Templates

New Business Register

Client MI & Insights

Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

Audit Trail Activity

Migration - Bulk Import Clients

Share Plans & Cashflows (to Client Portal)

Share Documents & Reports (to Client Portal)

Send Secure Messages (to Client Portal)

Custom Integrations and Features

Raise support tickets

Call, Portal, Email

Call, Portal, Email, RM

The Client Portal website (used by your end clients) will be on a different customised domain to the Firm Portal website. Please contact us to see a demo or sign up and try for yourself.

Key Features



Client Portal



Elegant Client Dashboard

Online Factfinds

Risk Profiling online

Upload Documents

Access Firm Documents

Secure Messaging

E-Signatures in portal

View Daily Plan Valuations

View Goal & Cashflow Planning

View Documents & Reports

Digital Reviews

Personal Details Update

Financial Details Update

Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

Standard Client Mobile App

Custom Features & Integrations

Your Brand Mobile App for Clients

Branding and Interface

Key Features



Client Portal



Your Logo in All Portals

Your Unique Client Portal Web URL

Your Unique Firm Portal Web URL

Your Colour Themes in Firm Portal

Your Colour Themes in Client Portal

Your Own Web Domain based Portals

Security & Compliance

Key Features






Multi factor authentication

Separate database per firm

Encryption of data-in-transit

Encryption of data-at-rest

Login and Device Logs

Audit Activity Logs

BCP & DR process

Add-Ons are features that may sometimes be powered by external providers but are embedded fully into AdviceObjects. No need to newly set up or hold an account with any external provider, simply activate the add-on and start using. Some add-ons may incur additional charges. Please see below or contact us for further details.

Key Features






Risk Profiling Add-on (Free): Choice of A2Risk's 5, 7 or 10 risk categories. ATR and Risk Capacity for Accumulation and Decumulation are included.

All Platform Valuations Add-on (Free): Receive plan valuations directly into our software saving time for your reporting and review processes

XodoSign E-Signatures Add-on (Starts from free, £2/doc over free limit): Monthly free limits are shown here

5 free esign docs; 10 firm templates

10 free esign docs; 20 firm templates

30 free esign docs; 40 firm templates

*Hybrid Digital Automated Advice Add-on (Additional fees apply): Available as a custom set up with your own advice firm strategy (Human + Digital)

Integrations are third party partner applications that you can connect and use alongside AdviceObjects to receive additional services for your business. You will need to hold an account directly with the Integration partner provider to connect and use within AdviceObjects.You will not be billed by us for any third party integrations.






DocuSign E-Signatures

SmartSearch KYC/AML

Ipipeline Solution Builder

Request Integrations for roadmap

Custom Migrations implemented

Custom Integrations developed

Coming soon*

Key Features




*Coming soon




any custom business requirements?
We can help deliver a fully customised proposition to meet your business needs as a SaaS solution and through our APIs integrating into your existing systems. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your business requirements.
Want a custom deployment?
We offer the flexibility of deploying the solution on a private cloud or on-premise if multi-tenancy doesn't suit your needs. We can help deliver a fully customised proposition to meet your business needs. Just drop us a message.

Frequently asked questions

The Client Portal is 100% white-labeled. You have full control to configure branding, themes, and content to align with your firm’s look and feel. Your clients will only see your branding. We provide a unique portal link that can be placed as a button directly on your website. 

Data migration with us is really easy and free! Initiate migration from the Admin section of the platform using the ‘Bulk data import’ wizard. Here you can download a sample CSV sheet to paste/complete with your information and then upload. Our validation tools will let you know if there are any errors before you upload.

We will walk you through the process step-by-step and offer you options to import. If you are a large firm and need a more dedicated migration resource working as part of your team, we can accommodate that too for an additional cost. Most firms can simply utilise our bulk import feature and will not incur any additional cost.

No. You’ll be able to try for free. You can purchase a paid subscription plan whenever you are ready and your first payment will only be taken when you actively convert your trial plan into a paid plan. You will have access to all features from trial plan you sign up for, except for some of the add-ons which may incur additional charges. Please contact us if you want to learn more.

The date you sign up and pay for a subscription plan will be the start date of your contract. For example: If your start date is on the 10th day of a month, we will invoice you on a pro-rata basis till the end of that month on the first invoice and collect payment immediately. 

The billing date is typically the the first of each month. On the first of each month, we will invoice and take payment for the subscription for that month in advance, and any previous month’s usage costs relating to additional users and add-ons in arrears. 

Yes, you can add and remove users from your account at any time. You can do this using the platform’s Admin role functionality. Additional users are users who are above the inclusive user limit of your subscription plan. Additional users’ costs will always be billed in arrears and only for the previous month’s days used. For example, if you add an additional user account and remove it after ten days, you will only be charged for ten days for that user in the next invoice.
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You're in good company.

If you have any other questions which are not addressed above, book a meeting, call us or write to us.